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Welcome to Metaflex Doors Manufacturing Company in India

Metaflex India is a leading manufacturer of insulated doors. Its footprint stretched over a wide range of product portfolio, spanning hermetically sealed OT doors, radiation proof doors,
fire resistant doors, controlled atmosphere doors and industrial doors. The company caters to healthcare, pharmaceutical, cold chains, food processing and industrial units.

We at Metaflex with our sheer commitment have always adhered to the sustainable approach and have helped our clients in conducting their business in a sustainable manner. Metaflex is a world class door manufacturing company that delivers quality service to all their customers according to their requirements in the door manufacturing industry. We always believe in providing the quality products to our business partners so as to enhance their businesses.

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Metaflex Doors

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Holi Celebration

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Clean air is vitally important
for good health. Hermetically sliding doors are specially designed to control the air pressure which is of utmost importance in the hospitals.



Too often, manufacturers view their service operations as ancillary businesses, separate from and by no means equal in strategic or operational importance to the "core" product business.


Safety &

What would happen if quality becomes an obvious component of any product or service. Imagine the accomplishment and the problems we could resolve in our business and ultimately in our society.