Metaflexdoors - Door Installation Services

Lifeline to Our Business

Too often, manufacturers view their service is operations as ancillary businesses, separate from and by no means equal in strategic or operational importance to the "core" product business. WE, at Metaflex don’t consider the services as just another function of organizational chart but a lifeline to our business.

Metaflex don’t have Contracts, we prefer to have relationships and these relationships bring customer intimacy. Our service relationship agreement demonstrates our desire to deliver the best possible service at all times. We want you to think of the equipment we supply to you as being invisible, doing its job, day after day, and opening doors to your business and your customers, leaving Metaflex to ensure it operates correctly for many trouble-free years.

Metaflex trained staff in installation and maintenance service are well equipped and strategically located to minimize response time when you need us.

The Key Elements of Our Services

  • Customer Care Centre: Metaflex cares for customer and provides National Toll free No. to contact the dedicated customer care team.
  • Installation Service Metaflex provides installation of these doors as a service. A perfect installation enhances the operational quality of the door and improves the efficiency of the whole unit.
  • Installation Base: Pan India Installation base in all category of Sliding Doors, Swing Doors, Overhead Sectional Doors, Dock levelers, Dock Shelters for Cold Rooms, Wet Warehouses, Dry Warehouses, Docking Bays and industries as well.
  • Installation Supervision: Installation Supervision is the other service which we provide, If you are well equipped with your own technicians for the Installation of the Metaflex Door, you can Opt for the “Installation Supervision” where in the Metaflex Certified Engineer, will supervise the task of Installation and guide the technicians at your site for Perfect Installation. Once the Installation done by your team is certified by Metaflex Engineer, the installation warranty for one year will be taken care by Metaflex.
  • After Sales Service: Metaflex Certified Engineers are available at your doorstep. We believe in not only making a customer but building a relationship. To keep you free of mind from any kind of door hassle we are just a phone call away, we will be ready with implements and spares when the need may arise.
  • Annual Maintenance Contract: To ensure long-lasting durability of a Metaflex door, we offer to take up AMC's & CAMC’s irrespective of whether the product has been bought from Metaflex directly or through a channel partner. It is in fact a constant endeavour to provide a Metaflex customer full utilization of the benefits of the door year after year. An effort from our part gives a smile to our customer which in itself is a gift to us. Our people will ensure that the name Metaflex becomes a concept nationally and internationally on a daily basis.

Why Installation Through Metaflex Engineeers?

  • Metaflex Certified Engineers are well–trained and equipped
  • Well aware and facilitated with necessary Metaflex Assembly and Fitting Tool Kits
  • Technical arrangements at your Site / location will be well diagnosed
  • Maintenance and Care, enhances the functionality & the Quality Product
  • Operational efficiency of your whole plant /unit will be increased
  • Helps you cut down your electricity Bills
  • Reduction in the per day operational losses, resulting good return on investments
  • Ensures the Doors are fitted as per the site requirement, and ready for the environmental exposure