Industrial Overhead Sectional Doors

Manufactured and built to your specific requirements, at Metaflex the overhead sectional doors provide you hasselfree operation and reliable service which will add more value to your business. Being one of the leading door manufacturers, each of our sectional doors give you an uncompromising level of quality. We manufacture tough and safety- tested overhead doors in different designs so that they suit the needs of your business. Made using world class engineering, our industrial doors are sturdy and help you in the efficient storage of the goods in the warehouses. We have the experience and craftsmanship to deliver world class solutions for the long term; you need for your business.

MAK Industrial Door

  • An overhead door consist of a door leaf that closes-off an opening in a building. This door leaf consists of horizontally connected panels and it is opened vertically.
  • Dock doors are frequently used in combination with dock levelers. Their extreme operations and frequent use demand high on quality and easy operation. They are mainly available in vertical lift and high lift version.
  • The doors are optimally protected against deformation and corrosion. The panels are fitted with an additional integrated steel reinforcement strip.
  • This overhead door is made of 40mm thick steel sandwich panels. The front and back skins are separated by a fire retardant PU (CFC) free foam core. This combination results in an insulation value in the highest class of the CE standards, which will considerably reduce the energy consumption.
  • These overhead doors can be manually operated or by using a chain hoist or electric motor.
  • Application areas
    • Distribution centers
    • Warehouse and garages
    • Dock areas
    • Shop floors
    • Loading/off-loading areas
  • Operating Conditions
    The maximum speed at which a door can be safely operated is up to a wind speed of 32m/s (10 Beaufort). The door has a water tightness rating of IP65; this means that the door is splash proof.
  • Operating principle
    To move and at the same time counterbalance the weight of the door, a forsion-spring counter balanced system is fitted.
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