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Mak Health Sliding- Lead Line Door

When the human body is exposed to radiation rays it alters the everyday bodily functions. These rays cause harm on almost every part of our body including hair, brain, thyroid, blood system, heart, reproductive tract and many more. In hospitals there are rooms like radio therapy rooms and x-ray rooms which emit radiation rays, in order to protect both hospital employees and patients from unnecessary harmful rays Radiation proof sliding doors are designed with lead shielding.

Radiation Proof Doors

  • MakHealth-lead is a hermetically sealing sliding door with a 2mm lead inlay. The door has been specially developed for operation theatres with X-ray equipments, Cath Labs as well as rooms with radiation shielding requirements.
  • The Mak Health Pb2 has 2 mm thickness of lead lining that suffices the AERB requirement for the X-Ray shielding doors. It can also withstand up to 75 Pa overpressure to such a degree that any leakage loss will still not be measured due to the hermetic seal. The door comes with an electrical automation.
  • The Door Panel has 48mm thick Pressure Injected Polyurethane Core of 45±2 Kg/m³ density. On both the 1 mm thick lead inserts (2X on both sides). Both sides are finished with a high-pressure laminate of 4.0 mm thickness. The thickness of the door is 60mm and the noise Insulation is 28 dB.
  • Besides EPDM sealing gasket, a special lower sealing gasket with lip is fitted on the bottom profile of the door leaf to ensure 100% hermetic sealing. A lever opener is there for effortless opening, made from solid stainless steel. Electro Galvanized / Powder Coated high quality roller system fitted with special grade self lubricating rollers with double ball bearings ensures noiseless and trouble free operation.
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