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Mak Health Sliding Doors-HPL

Clean air is vitally important for good health. Hermetically sliding doors are specially designed to control the air pressure which is of utmost importance in the hospitals. These doors can be provided as inside sliding, outside sliding and sliding into the wall. The sliding doors at Metaflex are designed for easier accessibility and better use of available space as compared to conventional door sets. Specially designed for operation theatres and clean rooms, our operating theatre doors prevent infections and bacteria to enter into OT. Apart from the standard sizes, we also offer these doors in customization as per your specific requirement. With our hermetically sealed sliding doors we provide you with the manual or automatic versions that help in controlling the air pressure which is of utmost importance in the hospitals.

Sliding Door

  • It comes in single parting and bi-parting sliding doors.
  • MakHealth is a hermetically sealing sliding door. (Sliding Direction: Horizontally from Left or Right)
  • This door is specially designed for operation theatres and clean rooms. It can withstand up to 100 Pa overpressure to such a degree that any leakage loss will not be measured due to the hermetic seal.
  • Opening the door is extremely easy due to the lever principle of the inner and outer door handles. The door can also be provided with the electrical automation.
  • Apart from the standard sizes, the customization is also available as per the requirements.
  • The Door Panel is 60mm thick and has 4mm thick high Quality High Pressure Laminates on both sides of 52mm thick Pressure Injected. It is flush framed in extruded Aluminium alloy profiles, shaped with wide radius curves. Being a perfect flush door, the door skin is made of joint less laminates.
  • Besides EPDM sealing gasket, a special lower sealing gasket with the lip facing the floor is fitted on the bottom profile of the door leaf to ensure 100% hermetic sealing.
  • The door blade comes with vision panel flushed with surfaces of the door blade.
  • Heavy duty extruded single length Aluminium Alloy profiles allow the door to slide "down and in" simultaneously at an angle of 45° utilizing the weight of the door to give a perfect hermetic seal when closed.
  • A lever opener is there for effortless opening, made from solid stainless steel.
  • Powder Coated high quality roller system fitted with special lubricating rollers ensures noiseless & frictionless operation for years.
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