Metaflex Doors

Peter Ruigrok, Chairman, Metaflex Doors Europe B.V.

Mr. Maninder Singh

Born on 12th July 1956, as the eldest son of a self-made businessman, the seed of an entrepreneur in spé was planted. Raised in a family where trust and honesty was a given, this had a profound impact on his value system. Formerly educated as a mechanical engineer, Mr. Ruigrok also holds an MBA from Nijenrode University. The most important lessons though, he learned from his father who often challenged and provoked him. “A kite only flies with headwind”, his father used to say.

Mr. Ruigrok worked and lived in South Africa, Saudi Arabia, USA and Netherlands prior to coming to India. Before starting his own venture, Mr. Ruigrok was the Managing Director of the Heras Group, the European leader in outdoor security. In 1999, Mr. Ruigrok and his partner Mr. Herman Haan, acquire Metaflex in the Netherlands.

But why leave a well paid job and excellent corporate career to buy a small company? The driver: a strong entrepreneurial spirit and an ambition to create something with more a positive impact on society than just being a cash dispenser for shareholders.

With a highly creative bend of mind and a true visionary who brings those concepts to the market which market is still thinking about, Mr. Ruigrok bridges the gap between company offerings and customer expectations.

Finding a niche is the work of a strategist, but filling the niche perfectly is team work. When Mr. Ruigrok in 2006 decides to set foot on Indian soil to Greenfield a company, it is because this strategist smells an opportunity to create a market segment and become the ‘de facto’ leader.

It is when the lessons from his youth turn out to be of great value. Falling down is inevitable how quickly you get up and run again makes the difference between the winner and runner up.

India is one of the most competitive markets in the world. To be successful one needs to combine World Class Concepts and Bottom of Pyramid prices. Mr. Ruigrok is a strong concept developer, commercial and technical, guiding and supporting the team at every level and phase during innovation. An important testimony of his involvement in innovation, is Metaflex being the pioneer in India to introduce a 100% hermetically sealing doors for cold stores as well as operating theatres in hospitals. The impact on society is substantial. In cold stores an automatic operated sliding door reduces the carbon footprint, while increasing efficiency. In a hospital OT an automatic airtight sliding door enables to reduce Post Operative Wound Infections (POWI). The consequences of an infection after surgery can be devastating, due to the risk of air contamination. Mr. Peter Ruigrok realized the seriousness of the issue and provided a solution to enable the reduction of this phenomenon. A chain is simply as strong as its weakest link. POWI awareness is growing in India, while the country takes a more prominent role on the international healthcare stage.

Mr. Ruigrok is married, has 3 kids and his favorite past time is sailing. A persona who is calm, patient and mentally tough, the traits of a sailor.

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