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Herman Haan, Chairman

Mr. Herman Haan, Chairman

As a grandson of two grandfathers-entrepreneurs, wholesalers in respectively Clay Brick and Fruit & Vegetables, entrepreneurial skills were present from his birth on April 14th 1959. As a 4 year old he started a wholesale business in potatoes and vegetables in mom’s basement, mom being the first and exclusive customer. His father wisely advised him to discover the world and work with other companies first, before considering working in the family wholesale business.

Herman, educated in business economics & financial accounting as a BEc, build his experience in sales, business process re-engineering, ERP implementation, financial accounting, acquisition of companies, general- finance- and tax management. Worked for a multinational in the building industry from 1981 till the end of 1998 he experienced the challenges of growth in a part of the multinational from a 100 million dollar company into a 1,5 billion dollar company, especially in the field of acquisition, integration, management and reorganization of companies.

The acquisition of Metaflex in 1999, together with his business partner Peter Ruigrok, was the logical step in fully utilizing his entrepreneurial skills on the basis of a personal value system and beliefs: everyone and everything is connected, equality, trust, honesty, transparency, humor and teamwork.

Working with people, uplifting them and inspiring them is his passion: “Think in possibilities, in options, out of the box”. Asking “Why” is a must for him: “Awareness is the goal and the beginning of a possible change. The change itself is just a consequence. When you are aware of the Why, you know How to do What”. Reframing, thinking in possibilities, changing the context and shifting between content and form are normal to him. He is able to quickly respond to changing views from overview to detail and back. He likes to keep a healthy balance in thinking, feeling and doing.

Herman is living together with Esther, who is a certified NLP trainer, and has two grown up daughters, a physiotherapist and a communication-advisor.

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