Metaflex Doors - CSR


Metaflex believes that having goals and a vision for your company that go beyond products and profits definitely provides a warm touch to the business and will make consumers more eager to engage with. We are an organization that believes in a relationship, where we know our responsibilities not only towards our employees and stakeholders but towards society as well.

Understanding CSR

For many organizations, when thinking about corporate social responsibility, the definition is providing funding and resources for worthwhile social causes, such as donating money or employee time to charities. However, CSR is much beyond this which involves putting together a real plan to produce products or provide services that are in the best interests of society. These include factors like using safe materials in design and manufacturing, corporate environmental initiatives, creating employment opportunities, building a sustainable business etc.

Showing a True Commitment

We follow the same while designing and manufacturing our doors be it automated doors, insulated doors, hermetically sealed doors, cold chain doors or industrial doors.

Our dedicated CSR cell, Metaflex Aid Foundation keeps on identifying the areas where our special focus is required and have made our contribution to uplift the people, the society. It is our thought that we have to give back to society what we have got from it.

We are integrating the two types of CSR together to show a true commitment to a cause. We use inorganic material in our products which is a part of our commitment towards a green environment. Prevention of air contamination and 100% air tightness is our another contribution a towards green environment. Using sustainable materials in our products, donates financial resources to environmental causes, and allows employees to take paid time off for volunteering at environmental charities shows our true commitment to the environment that goes beyond any single CSR initiative.

Support to Underprivileged Girls

Beginning Of New Life

Metaflex Scholarship Scheme

Sponsorship of Hina Khatoon for General Duty Assistance - Paramedical Course

Education Camp at Yamuna Bank Metro Slum

Health Camp at Yamuna Bank Metro Slum

Project Gram Tarang

Metaflex Doors Commissioned the Grid Rooftop Solar Power Plant- A Contribution towards Greener Environment