Mind Speak

Mind Speak

Metaflex is a smart organization that provides opportunities to scale heights where sky is the limit. The vibrant work environment is an enabler for innovation and utilization of collective skills, knowledge and experience optimally. The Company’s international roots, exposes the team to diverse work culture and new experiences, where the mantra of “autonomy with accountability” is
Personally, working with Metaflex has been an enriching & fulfilling experience that has given me an insight to the state of the art production techniques and quality standards.

Babita Rawat
Director- Support Functions

I believe the biggest plus of working at Metaflex is the mutual care and respect that colleagues have, transcending beyond the boundaries of the office. The sense of bonding amongst our people is tremendous as at the back of our minds we know, we have “our people” to fall back on.
Devi Prasad
Production Engineer

Out of so many, one of the reasons why Metaflex is a great place to work, is the exposure that the company provides. Being one of the leading industrial insulated door manufacturers, we have the presence in almost every nook and corner of the country. With Headquarters in the Netherlands, Metaflex exposes its people to various parts of the world, its culture, environment, and to the challenges that are unique to specific geographical locations. Working at Metaflex, I believe, helps develop a holistic approach to work and shapes the outlook of an employee.
Neeraj Kumar

Being a people’s man, I like the work environment that encourages collective participation and thrives on continuous improvement. My five years at Metaflex has been a journey of continuous learning that has enhanced my ability to identify problems and thereafter solve and execute them. , delivering the design which is to solve the problems by identifying them and executing the best solution.
Anuj Singh
AGM-Design & Engg