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Mak Health- Fire Proof and Resistant Doors

Mak Health- Fire Resistant Doors

The Fireproof all - Rounder

  • A Mak Health fire resistant door is a hermetically sealing sliding door. This door has been designed especially for medical and pharmaceutical sector. This door has 30 minutes of fire resistance capacity in accordance with the NEN-EN 1634:2001 standard in combination with the NEN 6069:1997 standard. It can withstand up to 100 Pa overpressure to such a degree that any leakage loss will still not be measured due to the hermetic seal.
  • Opening the door is extremely easy due to the lever principle of the inner and outer door handles. The door can, of course, also be provided with the electrical automation. This lightly sliding door is completely level and both the door panel and the edging are flush and can be easily cleaned.