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Mak Health- Blood Bank Doors

The SDA-04 is a microprocessor-regulated controller developed by Metaflex itself to particularly suit the requirements of operating hermetically sliding doors. The set up of the system enables you to operate almost any door with ease, whatever the weight or size. The automation is exceptionally suitable in situations where high requirements are made in respect of areas being locked, interlocked and interconnected where all air hierarchy and air tightness play a major role. The Company offers SDA-04 with a 90 Watt motor to suit door blade weights up to 250 kgs. A unique system, which works with high torque for lifting even the heaviest door blades out of indented track profiles.

Blood Bank Doors

  • Keeping the momentum towards the innovation and our continued endeavor towards contributing to healthcare sector in India, we have come up with the Hinged Insulated doors for the blood banks and laboratories in the medical sector. These doors are designed to control the temperature in the blood banks as it is highly critical to maintain a stable temperature. The thickness of the door is 80mm.
  • It has simple, minimalistic and sturdy design for effective functioning under all conditions.
  • The doors have a manually operated stainless steel cum latch which ensures TROUBLE FREE OPERATIONS at low temperatures. These doors are fitted with an emergency release that is located on the inside of the unit. Hinged doors for industrial applications fit with standard lever handles and lock case with Euro norm cylinder. All Metaflex doors feature a high quality rubber gasket which gives a perfect seal between the door and its frame.